The System module comprises platform-agnostic classes.


The System module defines the classes that compose the JS++ Standard Library. The System module provides wrapper classes, data structures, utility functions, and algorithms. However, the System module does not provide a means to target specific platforms; the System module is platform-agnostic.

In order to interact with host platforms, the JS++ Standard Library provides other modules, such as the Externals module for interacting with the DOM (Document Object Model) for web browser development.


  • Array<T>

    System.Array<T> is the wrapper class for arrays.

  • Assert

    The System.Assert module provides assertion methods.

  • Benchmark

    The System.Benchmark class is a utility class for measuring the

    duration (in milliseconds) between a start and stop time.

  • Boolean

    The wrapper class for the bool primitive type.

  • BoxedExternal

    Boxes an external value or reference as an internally-typed


  • Character

    The wrapper class for the char primitive type.

  • Comparison

    An enumeration for comparison results.

  • Console

    Provides input and output functions for the system or browser console.

  • Date

    A class for representing dates and times.

  • Dictionary<T>

    System.Dictionary<T> is the wrapper class for dictionaries.

  • Double

    The wrapper class for the double primitive type.

  • Enumeration<T>

    The wrapper class for enumerations.

  • Exception

    An exception (represented via the System.Exception class) represents an

    error incident that an application may experience during execution.

  • Exceptions

    The System.Exceptions module is used as the namespace for all built-in


  • Function<T>

    The wrapper class for functions.

  • IComparable<T>

    Implementing the IComparable<T> interface allows objects

    to be compared and sorted.

  • Integer16

    The wrapper class for the short primitive type.

  • Integer32

    The wrapper class for the int primitive type.

  • Integer8

    The wrapper class for the signed byte primitive type.

  • Math

    Provides basic mathematical operations.

  • Object

    System.Object is the root class that all other classes inherit from.

  • RegExp

    Represents regular expressions.

  • String

    The wrapper class for the string primitive type.

  • Time

    The System.Time module comprises platform-agnostic classes and

    functions for dealing with time.

  • UInteger16

    The wrapper class for the unsigned short primitive type.

  • UInteger32

    The wrapper class for the unsigned int primitive type.

  • UInteger8

    The wrapper class for the byte primitive type.


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